24 marzo 2013

❀ ...The Queen again...but like a Tag!

.. And as a souvenir for Her help, I made this "tag-reading point" to my friend and artist cooperative Ana (she made the Fimo clay clover I used) who was delighted with the image I used in the ATC swap, so, I decided to give her one for her enjoyment .... but she doesn't use it! ...  is on the shelf!... like an ornament!, think I haven't had so much success doing the tag, but if she's happy, hey buddy! ... me too! .... Happy week, people!

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Oye!..gracias por pasarte, me alegras el día y me animas a seguir haciendo cosa bonitas y colgando cosas bonitas ..
.. desde ya te mando un super abrazo!...

Gracias por comentar! ..

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